Q. What is the most important factor in your designs?
Ans. All of my designs are based on the detail in their style and craftsmanship..

Q. Where can I purchase HAROUT R rings?
Ans. You can purchase HAROUT R rings by visiting an authorized HAROUT R retailer.

Q. Can I buy the rings directly from the website?
Ans. The rings cannot be purchased directly from the website. You must visit one of our authorized retailers.

Q. What diamond quality are HAROUT R rings available in?
Ans. HAROUT R offers GH/SI1-SI2 diamond quality and GH/VS1-VS2 diamond quality for all of our rings.

Q. Are the center stones included with the rings?
Ans. All of our HAROUT R rings are sold without the center stone included. You may purchase your center stone from one of our authorized retailers.

Q. What metals does HAROUT R offer their jewelry in?
Ans. HAROUT R currently offers our jewelry in 14KT gold, 18KT gold, and platinum.

Q. Do any of your engagement rings have matching wedding bands?
Ans. Yes. Every HAROUT R engagement ring has a matching wedding band.

Q. What is your policy regarding conflict diamonds?
Ans. HAROUT R takes the topic of conflict diamonds very seriously. We strictly follow the guidelines of the Kimberly Process. Furthermore, we only purchase diamonds from companies that also conform to the Kimberly process.